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The Fischer Group is structured with our customer’s needs as our number one priority.


Our Vision:

Revolutionizing Consumer Product Development

“Providing world class services that deliver the highest quality product at the best value through all stages of product development.”


Our Capabilities


We partner with our customers to create new product ideas or to take ideas and make them manufactural and profitable.

Innovation and Design

Engineering, innovating and designing existing and new products to better meet consumers’ needs and maintain competitive pricing.


Ability to prototype products in quantities of 1 to thousands. Prototypes can be used for development, consumer use studies or feedback sessions, sales samples and more. we specialize in creating prototypes that mirror product manufactured on a line.

Consumer Feedback

In house consumer feedback capabilities to gain consumer feedback early in the product development process to save both time and money.

Machine Design and Building

We build machines catered to your product. Our re-configurable platforms allow for versatile machines that have a much lower cost than average.


Whether it’s contract manufacturing or manufacturing our customers’ newly developed product for market, we utilize our GMP facility to manufacture non-woven products for small runs to ongoing production.

Customized Printing

We offer our customers unique in house printing capabilities for developmental printing and new process development for printing and coating. We can print on traditional mediums and non-woven and low mill polys.

Sales and Marketing

We partner with our consumers and additional products on our own that we market and distribute direct to retailers through our network of brokers and direct to retail channels.


Accurate Product Development is your solution for slitting services requiring minimal notice and fast turnaround.

Building Design and Construction

We have the capability to design your complete manufacturing facility from ground up. This includes the structure, electrical and security systems, phone and internet, plumbing and energy savings solutions.


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Our Values

Value to Customer..........

We have 7 companies that work together to provide seamless transitions to our customers throughout the development of the product. Customers can use our services from start to finish or just choose the services they need from a partner.


As a GMP facility, quality is in our vision. We manufacture the highest quality products from household cleaning items to medical devices. Our quality system adheres to all GMP, ISO and FDA standards.

Speed to Market..........

Our expertise and in house resources allow us to get products into the marketplace for our customers within months not years. We want your products available to your customers as soon as possible.

Frugal Mentality..........

We treat our customers money like ours and save money wherever possible whether it be in materials, processes or looking for ways to increase efficiency.

Single Accountability..........

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